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Of A Tree

“Of A Tree”

Confused heat-wave clouds
Haze above the pavement
Sometimes a mirrored pool
A mutt roams slowly
Head low
Too hot to drool
All is heavy
All is slow
All still stubborn
Still trying to go
Do you ever stop for this?
Do your plans drop for this?
We could stop and watch
The heat-wave clouds
Mounting awkwardly
In a pale blue sky
Mottled against their hazy host
Like some Ill-formed grayish ghost
Misshapen towers that dot our world
With grays and whites and blues
All swirled
Come watch with me
The still and silent tree
We can see the shadows of the clouds
We can listen
We can smell
I'll be here long after
I've been here long before
Sit with me for a spell
Tell me about the mutt
Tell me about your plans
It's all so old
Yet it's all so new
I have all day

Do you?


All hail Microsoft


I’ve been trying to do pretty much everything through Microsoft these days, and it’s been a largely rewarding transition.

Consequently, I’ve decided to move my blogging to Windows Live Writer, which goes through WordPress as its partner in crime.

This is my new blog, Errabuddy Reads Russell Waters.

Musings, thoughts, rantings, etc., will likely find its way here.

Thanks for stopping by.

I like cheese.